Beyond Finite Layer Neural Network:

Bridging Deep Architects and Numerical Differential Equations

Thirty-fifth International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2018

This work bridge deep neural network design with numerical differential equations. We show that many effective networks can be interpreted as different numerical discretizations of differential equations. This finding brings us a brand new perspective on the design of effective deep architectures. We can take advantage of the rich knowledge in numerical analysis to guide us in designing new and potentially more effective deep networks. As an example, we propose a linear multi-step architecture (LM-architecture) which is inspired by the linear multi-step method solving ordinary differential equations.
Table1. LM-ResNet On CIFAR10.
Model Layer Para Error DataSet
ResNet 20 0.27M 8.75 CIFAR10
ResNet 32 0.46M 7.57 CIFAR10
ResNet 44 0.66M 7.17 CIFAR10
ResNet 56 0.85M 6.97 CIFAR10
ResNet 110, pre-act 1.14M 6.37 CIFAR10
ResNet 164, pre-act 1.7M 5.46 CIFAR10
ResNet 110, stochastic depth 1.14M 5.25 CIFAR10
ResNet 1202, stochastic depth 10M+ 4.91 CIFAR10
LM-ResNet 20, pre-act 0.27M 8.33 CIFAR10
LM-ResNet 32, pre-act 0.46M 7.18 CIFAR10
LM-ResNet 44, pre-act 0.6MM 6.66 CIFAR10
LM-ResNet 56, pre-act 0.85M 6.31 CIFAR10
LM-ResNet 110, pre-act 1.14M 6.16 CIFAR10
LM-ResNet 164, pre-act 1.7M 5.27 CIFAR10
LM-ResNet 56, stochastic depthn 0.85M 5.14 CIFAR10
LM-ResNet 110, stochastic depthn 1.14M  4.80 CIFAR10
Other experiments on CIFAR100 And ImageNet is listed in the paper.

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