Yiping Lu


Department of Scientific & Engineering Computing
School of mathematical sciences
Peking University
The elite undergraduate training program of School of Mathematical Sciences in Peking University.(Both applied math and pure math track)

Email: luyiping9712 [at] pku [dot] edu [dot] cn, yplu [at] stanford [dot] edu
Contact: No. 5 Yiheyuan Road Beijing, 100871 People's Republic of China

Talk Slides

Bolded ones are about my own research.

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

-Fourier Analysis: pdf -Wavelet-like Structure On Manifold And Graph: pdf
-Multigrid Methods: pdf -Convex Analysis And Variational Problems: pdf
-Deep Learning For Image Registration pdf -Coming soon...


-Express Power Of Neural Networks: pdf -Deep Residual Learning: pdf
-Stochastic Learning Methods In Deep Learning: pdf -Asynchronous Parallel Iteration: pdf
-Differential Equation Modeling For Optimization: pdf -A Review On Deep Learning Theory: pdf
- Geometry Of Optimal Transport And WGAN: pdf -Rethinking kernel learning: pdf
-Neural ODE: pdf -Deep learning theory: pdf


  • Paper Reading Project: github

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Theory without practice is empty, but equally, practice without theory is blind. ---- I. Kant

People who wish to analyze nature without using mathematics must settle for a reduced understanding. ---- Richard Feynman